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  I first started line dancing many years ago- when really line dancing hadn’t much been thought of in the Wallasey area. 

 My daughter Sarah and myself started going every alternate week to the Bronze Club  and found ourselves enjoying it. We didn’t  particularly stand out in the crowd, and boy was there a crowd.
Our teacher, he was brilliant had to teach in two shifts as there were too many to fit on the floor in one go.  
Gosh it was so daunting trying to learn California Freeze – what on earth was this “grapevine” he kept referring to – but in the end we got it. 
We persevered and as the weeks went by, learnt more and more steps and more and more dances, in fact we were becoming quite expert at it – unfortunately quite a lot of  beginners fell by the way side, never to return, and some even went on to run their own classes. 
It was around 4/5 years ago, that we found ourselves without a teacher, so I ventured into teaching my first dance, then another and another – eventually it became enjoyable and so it went on.  We now have new dances taught on a weekly basis.
A couple of years back we asked our members to select a name for our line dance section and it was them who came up with the name “Bronze Bootscooters” resulting in us having “T” shirts printed with our logo and name on  – we still try in the main to teach to Country music, but with the modern trends, we have to spread our wings a little. But we are in no way Techno, we leave that to others.
 We pride ourselves on our friendly approach and thoroughly  welcome any new members –
We run exceptionally entertaining Socials with a variety of  great acts  (and we always provide food all for £5.00)– unfortunately we always sell out– check out our website for future shows.

 Please feel free to contact me with any issues and I’ll do my best to give you an answer:

Over the last couple of years I have taken on the role of Registrations Secretary for the Mini-Soccer division of the Wallasey Junior Football League (as if I don't have enough to do) but as they were in desperate need of someone to do the job, I volunteered. Quite a daunting task, may I add with over 800 registrations to process and check, but nevertheless I have found it quite enjoyable, if not time consuming.

What with minding our grandchildren, football and line dancing, I really wonder how we manage to fit everything into our lives, but I guess that's what keeps us fit and active.




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