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Oh Me Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler

Half a Cha - Rob Fowler

Codigo - Pat Stott

Electric Slide - refresh (teach beginners)



Make Me Know it = Tina Argyle

All the King's Horses- Alison & Peter

Down on Your Uppers

I Won't Back Down = Rachael McEnaney

A Thousand Stars

I close my eyes

Cards on the Table

Stumbling In

whiskey bridges

get it right

people are good

mamma Mia -why me


Imagine that

cowboy rides away 

Texas Time - Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax

Love Flow

Damn - Rob Fowler

Down at the Honky Tonk- Darren Mitcell

recapped - Galway Girls

recapped - I just wanna dance with you

recapped - Action - Darren Bailey

Sangria Sun - Tina Argyle

Thank You - Tina Argyle

Killarney Christmas - Lynne & David Herman








Missing  .   Heather Barton Carinito .  Gloria Hughes .Rockabye Baby EZ   . Suzi Beau .Carnival Ride - Tina Argyle.Bored - Ria Vos.New Kids on the Block .Come Dance with Me (recapped).Just a Memory (recapped).Tipperary Girl.Some Girls Will.Old and Grey - Rob Fowler Rose from the Sea.Sinatra & Chardonnay (recapped).Water off a Ducks Back.The Long way Home.Champagne Promise - Tina Argyle.Things - Gary Lafferty.Blue Umbrella Blues.Lucky Boy's Dreams.Lonely Drum.Roots - Tina Argyle .Wandering Hearts -The Most Beautiful Girl.It takes all Kinds - Rob Fowler.Sombrero Cha - Dwight Meessen .Ice Cold Corona.Dance Her Home- Rob Fowler.Mexican Cantina  - Tina Argyle.Things.Countryholic - Darren Mitchell.Highway 99 - Sandra Speck & Gaye Teather


All Your Wishes - Tina Argyle (music Playing with Fire - Paul Bailey)Everybody's Got 'Em - Diana Dawson - (music Flaws by Alan Jackson)Big Blue Tree - (refresh)Lay Low - (Refresh)Skinny Genes (beginners)New Shoes - (beginner)Stay Strong (Sandra Speck)Better When I'm Dancin (Julia Wetzel)Cowgirl Twist (beginner refresh)Teddy Bear Picnic (Rob Fowler)Blackpool by the Sea (Gaye Teather)Something Good (Chris Jones)2 Heads (music by Coleman Hell) Stop Staring at My Eyes - (music Boobs by Bellamy Brothers)As Long as you Love me (music Backstreet Boys)Love TripWell Do Ya - Hazel PaceBring on the good times - Maggie GallagherGypsy QueenThat Look (Sinatra & Chardonay)Love Her for a WhileMove SlowlyEmpty SpaceDon't Slip Away Thinkin CountryFirst Fool in Line Some Girls WillCruisin BackroadsLeft in the Dark New Kids on the BlockSimple ThingsHappy, Happy, Happy.Loads of older dances refreshed











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